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SOLD - #179 - 3310 Southgate Road, South Keys

We received a yellow letter in our mail-box, it was only one sentence.  We immediately called Len Harris.  He came over and told us he could sell our home in under a week for more money than any other home in our complex had ever sold for.  We listed with Len, he sent out a thousand invitations to our Open House and set a date and time for offers.  We hoped this would happen but we also knew that if something sounds too good to be true it usually is.  Not this time!  Len brought us five offers and we sold our home for $11,500.00 more than the highest sale ever in our complex.  It only took him 6 days, the offer we excepted was clean with no conditions.  We never would have met Len Harris if we did not get his yellow letter. We highly recommend Len to anyone who needs their home sold fast and for top dollar.  

Gladys and Michael Oviedo - December 2018

SOLD - 51 Langstrom Crescent, Hunt Club Park

In early December 2019 we received a yellow hand-written letter from Len Harris.  We called Len and explained that we were moving into a new home being built but it would not be ready until October 2020.  He came over and told us we could probably get over $390,000 for our townhouse at 51 Langstrom Crescent in Hunt Club Park. It sold for $396,000! That was a profit of over $100,000 in just over two years.  Len said he could arrange for the new owners to rent it back to us until our new home was ready.  We listed our home and it sold with multiple offers in just a few days.  We got well over the asking price and everything worked out just as Len had predicted. You can count on Len Harris!  We highly recommend Len. He really does get results.  

Louise James - December 2019

SOLD - #236 - 3310 Southgate Road, South Keys

Prior to the Covid 19 pandemic I purchased a new home in Southern Ontario to be near family.  By the time my Ottawa property was ready for the market Covid 19 was rampant.  I talked to another Realtor prior to meeting Len Harris, but she did not seem able to meet my needs, had little knowledge about the market in my area and lacked the excitement I felt my property deserved.

I had received a yellow letter from Len a couple months earlier when he sold a home in my condo corporation.  He sold it for a record price.  When Len Harris arrived at my home he was wearing a face mask and blue medical gloves.  He was so positive about my home that I immediately knew Len was my guy. 

We listed for $309,000, we had 8 showing over the weekend and received 6 offers on Tuesday.  Everything went exactly as Len had predicted.  He organized the showings so I would only be out of my home for the least amount of time possible.  We talked often.  Communication  is one of Len Harris’s greatest assets. 

I sold my condo for $23,000 more than any other home had ever sold for in my Condo Corp.  I felt protected, respected and confident from the moment I met Len.  He did a great job and made it seem easy, a sign of a true professional.  Call Len Harris when you need a Realtor, I highly recommend Len Harris.... he does get results.


Heather Mackinnon - March 2020

SOLD - 743A Springland Drive, Mooney's Bay

Len Harris sold my home without conditions in 6 days during the Covid 19 crisis. I originally met Len in the early 90’s when he started his real estate career at my RE/MAX Office. As a retired Realtor I knew I needed a strong agent who could make the best of this troubling Covid pandemic.  I had not seen Len Harris for many years. 

When it came time to sell,  a good friend, also a retired Realtor highly recommended Len Harris. She said he would get the job done quickly and without a lot of problems. She was so right.  Len is a very positive guy who loves his job and works very hard to please his clients.  

We received two offers the first night.  Both had too many troublesome conditions.  Len suggested we reject both and he would work to get something better. The next night we received the third offer. It was clean! No conditions. We countered the offer price and the buyer accepted.  

I truly felt well represented and safe with Len Harris. His reputation for getting results is well-founded. I highly recommend Len to anyone who needs to sell their home. He will work hard to get you the most money with the least amount of problems.  

Lisa Girard.  April 2020 

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